nuno alex

Nuno Alex

Business Developer
More than 20 years establishing good business relations, managing thousands of websites and analyzing the interests of millions of visitors. I'm also interested in partnership proposals. To know more about me please read the changing text.

I don't simply develop websites... I develop online businesses. Will you ever find someone with my experience, and team, willing to do that for you? A budget, requirements & timeframe is all I need.

Will you continue spending time and money, by trial and error, or will you follow the advice of someone who has already done that?

Show me your motivation and I may invite you for my online mentoring and help with several monetization alternatives for a better monthly income.

Perhaps I'll give you a partnership opportunity where you can take advantage of all my knowledge & resources. It takes money to make REAL money!

This was what a Vice President of a giant multinational corporation recently wrote to me. A truly unsolicited and unexpected testimonial!

"Clearly your success is not only a result of your business acumen but also of your good character." "I'm glad to know you."